Tournament Tested . . . Proven Winners!

2017 Tournaments

Hatteras Marlin
Club Tournament
June 25th–30th, 2017!

A proud Jr. Angler! Young Charles Gaddy(left), fishing with team QUALIFIER, aboard the Paul Mann 56-foot, owned and captained by his father Fin Gaddy, captured the top Jr. Angler award at the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament June 25th – 30th. The young man caught a blue marlin unassisted as well as two sailfish! The trophies were so large and impressive that young Charles needed help from Paul Mann himself (right) to show off the awards to the camera. Pretty work Charles Gaddy and team QUALIFIER!
(top photo)

Great shot of young Charles Gaddy on the reel with a billfish hooked up in the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament aboard the Paul Mann 56-foot QUALIFIER. That’s his father, Fin Gaddy, at the wheel on the bridge behind him.
(bottom photo)

Team LO QUE SEA Aboard
58' Paul Mann Custom
Takes Win in 54th
Annual Buccaneer Cup
Sailfish Tournament
in Palm Beach,
Jan. 19-21, 2017!

When the cold fronts come to Florida in winter the sailfishing along Florida’s Gold Coast can be incredible! This year during the 54th Annual Buccaneer Cup Tournament, it was without a doubt slower than usual. But the team aboard the 58-foot Paul Mann LO QUE SEA have some proven successful methods and they love to fish and win against the very best no matter the conditions! They did it again! Huge congratulations to Owner Tony Huerta, Captain Kevin Paul and Mate Lenny Schlin as well as Wallace Higenbothem, all team members aboard during the two days of fishing at the legendary Buccaneer Cup Sailfishing Tournament out of Sailfish Marin. LO QUO SEA’s sailfish releases came to a total of 1200 points more than good enough for the win and a check for over $90,000! Pretty work guys!! Twenty-six of the world’s best teams in our sport took part in this longstanding and prestigious event. Again, thanks to all the participants for starting the years with another great event and especially congratulations again to the owner and crew aboard LO QUE SEA for a very impressive win!

Charles Gaddy (left) and Paul Mann (right)

Charles Gaddy

Courtesy of Buccaneer Cup/Leonard Bryant Photography

2016 Tournaments

Aboard Paul Mann 68'
Wins 28th Annual
Pirates Cove Sailfish
Classic Out of Stuart, FL,
Dec. 2-4, 2016

CHAMPAGNE LADY's Capt. Josh Chaney, in his first big tournament victory as a skipper, led Tony Ingram, Carl Repetto, Rob Miller and Mark Donohue, and crewmen Connor Tillman, Mark McDevitt and Sean Young, to nine sailfish releases Sunday and 20 releases during the tournament to win the 2016 Pirates Cove Resort and Marina Sailfish Classic in Stuart, FL. CHAMPAGNE LADY is the Paul Mann 68' formerly known as JICHI, and is already doing the new owner, captain and team proud!

Overall, the fleet of 24 boats enjoyed three days of good sailfish action topped off with 76 sailfish on Sunday to give the 28th annual event a total of 222 sailfish caught and released. Team LISA K aboard a Paul Mann 67' also enjoyed a good tournament with nine sails during the tournament.

"We went to a spot we've been fishing all week where we knew there would be sails," said Chaney, "There was a lot of bait there, and lots of sails, and we ended up catching them." Big congratulations, a proud shout out and a huge welcome to the Paul Mann family to team CHAMPAGNE LADY with this exciting win!!

Team NAIRA aboard
57' Paul Mann Wins
Oct 20-23, 2016
Aruba Caribbean Cup;
Team ALINA aboard
Paul Mann 58'
Takes Third!

Undoubtedly one of the best sportfishing teams in the Caribbean, the Paul Mann 57' NAIRA led from start to finish during the 2016 Aruba Caribbean Cup, scoring 4400 points including a grand slam to walk away with the big win. The NAIRA team included Captain/Owner Bincho Mansur, Bancho Mansur, Yilson Iriarte, Ricky Croes and, last but not least, Carlos Isaza–2016 Eagle Claw Grand Champion Angler at the tournament!

In third place was the Paul Mann 58' ALINA, owned and captained by Eric Mansur, with 2000 points. ALINA’s team anglers include Captain/Owner Eric Mansur, Eric Mansur, Jr., Christian Mansur, Rafael Fucho Roja, Jose Pelicano Guanipa and Steve Drummond.

The highly competitive tournament is the first leg of the Caribbean Presidential Cup for 2016. The bite was big in Aruba this year with 13 blue marlin, 14 sailfish and 43 white marlin. There were a total of 70 releases and 4 grand slams during the Presidential Aruba Caribbean Cup!!

A huge shout out and congratulations to both fishing teams and these great Paul Mann boats!

Paul Mann 56-foot
Top Boat and First Place
at the 13th Virginia Beach
Billfish Tournament
August 25-27, 2016

The Paul Mann custom built 56-foot sportfish, A-SALT WEAPON held on to win the 13th annual Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament, August 24-27, sitting at the Rudee Inlet docks for their required lay day during the final day of fishing to see if the team's lead was good enough for victory. As it turned out the 23 billfish released by A-SALT WEAPON and crew the first two days were more than enough to comfortably capture the win in the prestigious Virginia Beach Tournament.

A-SALT WEAPON, captained by Dennis Endee with mates Brian King and Rosi Morales working the cockpit, finished with 1,610 points and banked $244,500 for the win capturing first place in four of six entry levels. Team anglers were Tom Bell with owners Greg Russell, and Andy Purgason.

The team was honored with the prestigious F. Wayne Mcleskey top boat award in honor of the late Wayne Mcleskey whom with his love and support of the tournament from its creation has allowed the event to be held on his property south of the Rudee Inlet along with gifts and contributions.

In addition, Captain Dennis and mates received the top crew award! Captain Dennis Endee received a Top Captain Trophy as well as Costa del Mar Sunglasses, a Costa del Mar Billfish Foundation tagging stick and a custom rod from Bishop Tackle. Mates Brian King and Rosi Morales shared the Top Mate honors. Rosi received this year’s Joel Webb Top Mate Award and Brian received a Trophy as well as the Bishop’s Tackle custom rod and Costa del Mar sunglasses.

Paul Mann Custom Boats sends a huge shout out and congratulation to the owners and team aboard A-SALT WEAPON during this great Virginia Beach competition! The Paul Mann fleet has had a beneficial season and is very proud to continue winning during the 2016 tournament season!

Paul Mann 68-foot JICHI
captures first in Scrub Island Blue Marlin
Invitational, Aug 13-17

Congratulations to Captain Gene LeBron named Top Captain and team JICHI for Top Boat and Luis Isaias, owner of JICHI and Top Angler for the tournament. JICHI took a commanding lead on day two catching six blue marlin. JICHI held the lead for a first place win with a final count of eight blue marlin totaling 4,000 points in the 2016 Scrub Island Blue Marlin Invitational.

Gene LeBron named Top Captain

LO QUE SEA earns fourth
place in the 2016
Pirate’s Cove Billfish
Tournament, Aug 15-19

Congratulations to 58-foot Paul Mann LO QUE SEA, captained by Kevin Paul, for earning fourth place amongst 72 tough competitors, releasing 15 billfish, for a total of 1500 points in the 2016 Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament! Tony Huerto, owner of LO QUE SEA, says this about the tournament, “We always (have a great time), competing against the best crews in the world.” Six of those best crews were members of the Paul Mann family. A shout out also goes to ANN WARRICK, HOG WILD, PELICAN, QUALIFIER, and RARE BREED for their hard work and success during the tournament! QUALIFIER was awarded a $5,000.00 check for catching the first first on the first day of the tournament!

Paul Mann Boats Dominate
27th Annual Alice
Kelly Ladies Only
Billfish Tournament
August 14th 2016!
LO QUO SEA takes
first place!

The 56’ Paul Mann LO QUO SEA held the first place positon after a full day of action and tough competition from all 92 boats entered in the 27th Alice Kelly Ladies Only Tournament! LO QUO SEA, captained by Kevin Paul, racked up five sailfish releases, good for 500 points to win. Lora Whitehurst and Karen Kremser scored two sails apiece, while Amy McGurk added another. Andrew Brady and Lenny Schelin are LO QUO SEA’s excellent mates.

But that wasn’t all!

Capt. Dennis Endee and boat owner Cheryl Russell and her family team aboard the 56’ Paul Mann A-SALT WEAPON captured a third-place finish with four sails and a nice dolphin. Cheryl brought two sails to the boat, while her 14-year-old daughter Allyson got two more. Lori Landstrom also boated a dolphin aboard A-SALT WEAPON.

“We started off to the East/Northeast and worked our way back into the shallows,” Russell said, “The action started about noon and we had all our bites within an hour on circle-hooked ballyhoo. My daughter Allyson loves to fish, so this was partly a family outing and partly to support a worthwhile charity. It was very exciting to be competing against this many teams.”

500 lady anglers competed in the Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament this year. By “lines out,” at 3:00 P.M. Sunday, a total of 61sailfish, nine white marlin and seven blue marlin had been brought to the boats and released. Perhaps most importantly, more than $30,000 was raised for the Outer Banks Cancer Support Group.

Twelve-year-old Emily Bracher, competing aboard PELICAN, another well-known 56’ Paul Mann with her Uncle Capt. Arch Bracher, earned the Top Junior Angler after releasing a blue and white marlin.

The Alice Kelly optional jackpot money is a take-all contest for the boat landing the largest dolphin. This year’s winner of $14,875 was SNIPER, a 58-foot Paul Mann with Owner/Capt. Jimmy Bayne. Diane “Super D” Steyn captured that 17.7-pound winning fish and she also earned the Paula Stanski Award for Angling Excellence as the top angler for two sailfish releases, plus the dolphin.

All participants earned a huge shout out and congratulations for their releases, but especially the Paul Mann fleet!

Paul Mann 67-foot
LISA K Wins Billfish
Release Category in
Big Northeast Tournament,
Tri-State Canyon
Shoot Out in
Block Island, RI,
July 31-Aug 3

The Paul Mann 67-foot LISA K won the billfish release category by a big margin with a fantastic number of seven white marlin releases during one of the Northeast’s most competitive and popular tournaments, the Tri-State Canyon Shoot Out, July 31-August 3, 2016, in Block Island, RI. LISA K owner Ernest Audet was the angler on four of the marlin, and these fish put the Stuart, FL, team of Audet, Mark D’Andrea, Tyler Browel and Terry McCurdy though a lot of fast action on Tuesday, August 2. Nevertheless, the team took care of business and racked up an impressive 490 points to win the category. Seventy boats participated in the 2016 Tri-State Canyon Shoot Out. The tournament crew aboard the LISA K received trophies and a substantial cash award for First Place in billfish release. A huge shout out and congratulations to the owner and team of LISA K for their excellent fishing! Another great reason to “MANN UP,” and get the very best!!

56' Paul Mann Custom
QUALIFIER takes the
win of the 2016
Carolina Boat
Builders Tournament
July 28-30, 2016!

The Paul Mann 56-foot QUALIFIER held the number one position throughout the 13th Annual Boat Builders Tournament, releasing a grand slam plus an additional billfish on both of their fishing days! The leaderboard also remained consistently outstanding throughout the event for all the Paul Mann boats! Out of the 21 boats participating, five were custom built by Paul Mann!

The tournament crew aboard the QUALIFIER received trophies and cash awards for First Place with an overall score totaling 800 points by releasing a grand slam on both fishing days with the addition of a white marlin on the first day and a sailfish on the second. They were also in the Winner Take All category and they were the Daily Winner on both Day 1 and Day 3. The Top Angler was awarded to Keith Henry one of the QUALIFIER team members.

Second place overall earning 700 points was the Paul Mann 56-foot A-SALT WEAPON releasing 3 white marlin and 1 sailfish the first day and 3 white marlin the last day. The Top Junior Angler went to Frank Hauber, III on the A-SALT WEAPON. Another Paul Mann the 58’ LO QUE SEA took fourth place with 400 points releasing two white marlin and two sailfish.

A huge shout out and congratulations to the crew and their teams for their excellent fishing! All the more reason to “MANN UP”!

58' Paul Mann Custom
LO QUE SEA takes the
win of the 2016
Custom Shootout
May 12-14, 2016!

A huge shout out and congratulations to Owner Tony Huerta, with Captain Kevin Paul and crew aboard the 58' Paul Mann Custom LO QUE SEA for taking the win of the 2016 Custom Shootout! The boat’s two blue marlin, four white marlin and two sailfish came to a total of 1900 points and the win! Pretty work guys! Tony Huerta was also named top angler in the tournament! The Custom Shoot-Out takes place in the Bahamas each year is one of the most prestigious and competitive fishing tournaments anywhere. Entries are invitation-only and 48 of the finest custom sportfishers in the world participated this year including four Paul Mann boats. A total of 176 billfish were caught in the three-day event.

Again, thanks to all the participants for another great event and especially congratulations again to the owner and crew aboard LO QUE SEA for a very impressive win!





A-SALT WEAPON wins first place at VBBT!
The team was honored with the prestigious F. Wayne Mcleskey top boat award!
Captain Dennis and mates received the top crew and top mates award!
2016 Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament final leaderboard

JICHI (photo credit:
JICHI (photo credit: In The Bite)

LO QUE SEA Crew (photo credit: Pirate's Cove Big Game Tournament Guide)

QUALIFIER, Captain Fin Gaddy and Son, Brown (photo credit: Pirate's Cove Big Game Tournament Guide)

Lo Que Sea (photo credit: Capt. Dave Lear)

A-Salt Weapon (photo credit: Capt. Dave Lear)

Jr. Angler (photo credit: Capt. Dave Lear)



2016 Carolina Boat Builders Tournament, QUALIFIER

2016 Carolina Boat Builders Tournament Leaderboard



Lo Que Sea

2015 Tournaments

Varadero Aruba
Caribbean Cup

The NAIRA came into this year’s Varadero Aruba Caribbean Cup ready to cement their reputation as one of the top sportfishing teams in the world and by 10 a.m. they added another chapter to their incredible story. Day two was started early with the first fish, a sailfish for angler Yilson Iriarte. He then went on to release a white marlin at 9:30 and a blue marlin at 9:50 for a Grand Slam and 100 bonus points. They ended their day with 2,100 total points and the tournament lead going into the third and final day. Owner/Captain Bincho Mansur leads the NAIRA team from the helm of the Paul Mann Custom sportfisherman.

In second place was the Alina, captained by Eric Mansur, with 1,500 points. The ALINA, also a Paul Mann Custom released two blue marlin and two white marlin yesterday alone—among the team’s anglers are Eric’s sons Eric Jr. and Christian Mansur. In third was the Ola team with 1,100 points. They caught their white and sailfish early but hooked up with a blue marlin in the last few minutes of the tournament for the day’s second Grand Slam. Nothing like last minute heroics to rule the Caribbean Cup!

In the angler standings, Yilson Iriarte from the NAIRA leads with 800 points followed by Gabriel Requema on the Tara with 600 points. Rafael Rojas on the ALINA is third, also with 600 points.

Naira Team Wins Varadero Aruba Caribbean Cup!
(credit: Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation, Inc. article)

Paul Mann 58-foot DIRTY BUSINESS Captures Third in Highly Competitive Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament
August 10-13, 2015. Congratulations to Owner Leah Hebert, Paul Hebert and Capt. Newt Cagle plus crew and team of Tom Bauer, Tony Heurta and Junior Bass aboard the 58-foot DIRTY BUSINESS for taking third in the 32nd Annual Pirate's Cove Big Game Tournament. The release of nine white and one blue marlin, based on time, totaled 1000 points for DIRTY BUSINESS! A total of 322 billfish were caught and released during the tournament and over 400 anglers participated. Again, huge congratulations to the owners and crew of DIRTY BUSINESS!

Paul Mann 53-foot TRUE GRIT Takes Top Honors in 26th Annual Alice Kelly Lady Angler Billfish Charity Tournament
August 9, 2015. Fifty-four teams entered the 26th Annual Alice Kelly tournament with a small craft advisory in effect and little hope of fishing, but in the end the 53-foot Paul Mann Custom Boat TRUE GRIT and a few others made it out for Sunday's fishing. The ladies aboard TRUE GRIT took top boat with 4 white marlin releases and 400 points. The event raised almost $40,000 for cancer charities. Pretty work in every way!

JICHI Takes Second Overall in 2015 Bahamas Billfish Championship!
Congratulations to JICHI! One blue marlin and two white marlin released during the final leg of the 2015 Bahamas Billfish Championship at Boat Harbour June 10-13, 2015 were enough to see JICHI stay on the leader board! Team anglers Albert Castro, Anibal Moya and JICHI owner/angler Luis Isias held onto the second overall in the BBC against a very competitive field! The 68-foot Paul Mann JICHI captained by Gene Lebron won the first leg in Guana Cay.

Leg 1: Guana Cay April 22-25
Leg 2: Green Turtle Cay May 6-9
Leg 3: Treasure Cay May 27-30
Leg 4: Boat Harbour June 10-13

ALINA takes Top Team and Top Boat in 2015 Cap Cana International Billfish Shootout
June 9-June 15, 2015

The team from Aruba aboard the 58-foot Paul Mann ALINA took the early lead, releasing six white marlin including a triple-header, plus a blue, and held on till the final day to take Top Boat honors as well as Top Team in the Barceló Rum Division of the 2015 International Cap Cana Billfish Shootout, June 9-15, in the Dominican Republic. "Finally, after about fifteen years competing in the Shootout, we won the whole thing! We have finished second or third a few times before, but this time we made it!" said ALINA Captain/Owner Eric Mansur. ALINA and her team of fishermen topped some of the best teams in the Caribbean for the wins. Congratulations also to Christian Mansur for taking First Place in the division's individual angler category. Once again, ALINA has proven to be a boat that really raises fish with a team aboard who consistently fish to win.

MA SHEILA Takes Second
in Third Leg of Bahamas
Billfish Championship;
JICHI Holds Second
Overall in Series

Congratulations to MA SHIELA (formerly the 59-foot Paul Mann CLEAN LIVIN’) for placing second in the third of four legs–the Treasure Cay leg–of the 2015 Bahamas Billfish Championship, with a 628-pound monster blue marlin and another white. Owner Will Tomlinson was the angler. The 68-foot Paul Mann JICHI is second overall in the entire series to date with a win at Guana Cay and a great showing at Treasure Cay. MA SHEILA is eighth overall. Boat Harbour, June 10-13, is the next and final leg in the series. Luis Isalas, owner of JICHI, is in second place for series top angler, and Will Tomlinson is fourth.

JICHI Wins Guana Cay,
First Leg of Bahamas
Billfish Championship

With team anglers Albert Castro, Luis Isias and Anibal Moya fishing hard and seeing lots of action, the 68-foot Paul Mann JICHI captained by Gene Lebron took top honors and a commanding 1500 point lead in the first leg of the Bahamas Billfish Championship in Guana Cay, April 22-25, 2015. Four blues, two whites and a sail! JICHI owner Luis Isias was top angler with three of the blues, a white and the sail. Next up in the BBC: Green Turtle Cay May 6-9. Keep it up JICHI!

Bahamas Billfish Championship
Leg 1: Guana Cay April 22-25
Leg 2: Green Turtle Cay May 6-9
Leg 3: Treasure Cay May 27-30
Leg 4: Boat Harbour June 10-13

NAIRA and ALINA dominate 49th Annual Orco Bank Blue Marlin Release Tournament
Huge congratulations once again to the Paul Mann 57’ NAIRA and the Paul Mann 58’ ALINA for dominating the 49th Annual Orco Bank Blue Marlin Tournament which took place March 28-29 out of the Curaçao Yacht Club in Willemstad, Curaçao. The overall winning team was NAIRA. ALINA team took second place.Top captain of the tournament was Bincho Mansur of NAIRA
The winning angler was Izaira Mansur on ALINA who was also top female angler. ALINA also put icing on the cake with the biggest dorado! Way to go Paul Mann boats!! Both NAIRA and ALINA are based in Aruba.

Pelican Bay Yacht Club Tournament

Pelican Bay Yacht Club Tournament (Ft. Pierce, FL) January 6-10, 2015. The sailfishing for 2015 started out great in Florida as the Paul Mann 67-foot Lisa K checked in after a 10 sailfish day off Hutchinson Island on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Not enough for the win, but what a great day! Big congrats to the Lisa K team!


Alina crew

The DIRTY BUSUNESS team, L-R Tom Bauer, Tony Huerta, Captain Newt Cagle, Junior Bass, owners Leah Hebert and Paul Hebert

The TRUE GRIT Team: Alice Kelly Lady Angler Billfish Tournament Champions

JICHI 68' Paul Mann

ALINA 58' Paul Mann

ALINA 58' Paul Mann

MA SHIELA 59' Paul Mann

JICHI 68' Paul Mann

4-blues, 2-whites and a sail! 

NAIRA - 1st Place

ALINA - 2nd Place


2014 Tournaments

2014 South Carolina Governors Cup

Congratulations to Owner Gary Wyatt, Capt. Matt Key and mate Will Frederick and team of the 1993 Paul Mann 56' SPORTSMANN! Taking 1st Place Wahoo for the series was Gavin Wyatt with 62.6 pounds. 1st Place Youth goes to Bennett Wyatt and 2nd Place Youth to Thomas Henry Key. The team finished the tournament with 1,875 pts. keeping the SPORTSMANN on the Leader Board.

Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament August 11th-15th, 2014: 11 releases score second place for Paul Mann 76-foot ANN WARRICK. HOG WILD and SNIPER take top honors, too!

Congratulations to Owner Chip Lacy, Capt. Brad Diaz plus crew and team of Frank Adams, Joey Belton, Owen Maxwell and Jeff Reibel aboard the 76 foot ANN WARRICK for taking second in the Pirate's Cove Big Game Tournament with 11 billfish releases totaling 630 points! Congratulations also goes to the HOG WILD for the Top Youth Angler, Jimmie Horning and to the SNIPER for the Top Male Angler, Dan Stefano with scores totaling 350 points each!

Thanks to Skeeter Sawyer and Lusk Photography for the photos!

Eleven releases earn
JICHI second place in
the 42ND USVI Open Atlantic
Blue Marlin Tournament!
August 7th-10th, 2014

Eleven blue marlin was not quite enough for top boat in the in the 42nd USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament (ABMT) held in St Thomas US Virgin Islands but it was sure good for second place in one of the most prestigious blue marlin release tournaments in the world. JICHI, the 68-foot Paul Mann custom out of Miami began the tournament with a phenomenal seven blues the first day. On Day 2, JICHI went fishless yet still held the lead with seven fish while other boats kept the pressure on by releasing a few fish. On Day 3 JICHI team rebounded with the release of two blue marlin for nine total and a second place. On Day 4, JICHI released two additional marlin but it wasn’t quite enough and they finished second with 11 blue marlin. “We have a great team, fish hard and have a lot of fun doing it,” says JICHI team member Portuondo. “It creates a great karma. That’s how we win or place in so many tournaments.”

JICHI finished third in the 2013 USVI ABMT.

18th Virginia Beach
Invitational Billfish
July 23rd-26th, 2014

The Paul Mann 58-foot SNIPER takes first place in the 2014 VA BEACH INVITATIONAL Billfish Tournament! This makes for two consecutive years that SNIPER has taken the first place win! SNIPER has also now placed first in the tournament four different years! Pretty work and a huge Congratulations to Captain-Owner Jimmy Bayne and his crew! Great fishermen!

Fourchon Oilman’s
Association Invitational
July 10th-12th, 2014

Big congratulations to the captain and crew aboard the Paul Mann Custom 58-foot DIRTY BUSINESS (formerly SECOND CHANCE out of Charleston) now in Grand Isle, LA! The DIRTY BUSINESS team took top team, top yellowfin and top blackfitop spots in the Fourchon Oilman’s Association Invitational. The yellowfin, especially, was huge!

20th Anniversary International Cap Cana
Billfish Shootout!
June 5th-10th, 2014

Congratulations and a shout out to Capt/Owner Eric Mansur and his crew aboard the Paul Mann 58-foot ALINA for taking Second Place in the tournament. Four blues and a white the last day! Great fishing!

Los Sueños 2014
Signature Billfish Series

March 12 - 15 was Leg III, the final of 3 tournaments of the Los Sueños 2014 Signature Billfish Series. The SEAFIX began this leg in 21st place but caught 41 Sails on day one, which gave them a daily win. In addition, it put them in first place! The second day was slower for them and they slid into 5th place. But, on the last day of the tournament they finished with 30 Sails and were able to regain second place for Leg III of the tournament. In addition, SEAFIX tied for second place for the over all Signature Series. Congratulations goes out to Fran Johnson Jr. who received top angler for the Series! Pretty work Capt. John P Thomas and the crew aboard the SEAFIX.

1993 Sportsmann 56'

Click for more images of ANN WARRICK!

JICHI, left to right: Ricky Querejeta, Luis Isaias, James David Jr, Brian Ciskoski (in back), James David Sr, Ernie Portuondo, Paul Mann, Albert Castro, Anibal Moya and Capt. Gene Lebron (in back at end). Credit: Dean Barnes





The SEAFIX 60' Paul Mann Custom Boats. We extend a huge congratulations
to John P Thomas and crew for their outstanding fishing in Leg III of
the 2014 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown.

2013 Tournaments

NAIRA Owner/Captain Bincho
Mansur and Team Win
Fourth Annual Chivas
Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup!

Huge congratulations to the team aboard the 57-foot Paul Mann custom boat, NAIRA, owned and captained by Ruben "Bincho" Mansur, Jr., as they walked away with first place in the Fourth Annual Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup. Bincho Mansur plus Bancho Mansur, Yilson Ikiate and Jose Guanipa had an incredible last day, with three blue marlin releases and one sailfish release to add to the two blue marlin and a sailfish caught previously, for an unbeatable 1,700 points. That's a total of five blue marlin and two sailfish for the tournament against an incredibly strong field of 19 world-class competitors. The Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup is a part of the Caribbean Presidential Challenge Conservation Series that provides financial support for billfish conservation efforts in the Caribbean and around the world. Anglers all use 30-lb. test line and non-offset circle hooks in order to even the playing field and to promote the conservation ethic.

Eric Mansur, Jr., Aboard
ALINA, Tops in Points in
Angler Division 2013
Chivas Regal Aruba
Caribbean Cup!

Naira wasn't the only winner among the Paul Mann Boats in Aruba during the 2013 Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup, as Eric Mansur, Jr. placed first in the Angler Division with his three blue marlin releases for 900 points aboard the 58-foot Paul Mann, ALINA, owned and captained by his father, Eric Mansur, Sr. Congratulations to the Paul Mann boats and all who participated in this sensational event!

The 41st USVI Open/
Atlantic Blue Marlin
Tournament Aug 18-22, 2013

Beginning the final day of the tournament eight boats of the 28 in the tournament were tied for first place with five blue marlin releases apiece. JICHI, the 68-foot Paul Mann helmed by Capt. Gene Lebron, and owner/angler Luis Isaias was one of the eight. They jumped into the lead early by being the first boat to release their sixth blue marlin with an early morning catch. JICHI was able to capture a third place finish against a strong field of boats and anglers. Congratulations to the JICHI for keeping Paul Mann Boats on the leaderboard!

The 30th Annual
Pirate's Cove
Billfish Tournament

SNIPER WINS the 30th Annual Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament, August 12-16, 2013! The 58-foot Paul Mann custom sportfish and her crew had a whopping total of 18 billfish releases in this world-class big game tournament. Huge congratulations to SNIPER Captain and boat owner Jimmy Bayne as well as the other SNIPER anglers for their outstanding top boat finish! Capt. Jimmy along with Mates, Chris Raiford and Alex Strangeways, Anglers Mike Sandusky, Bobby Whelan, Wayne Enroughty, Bobby Whelan and Dan Stefano wrapped up with a total of 17 white marlin releases and one blue marlin release for a total of 1400 points over the four days. Click Here to Read More!

The 23rd Alice Kelly
Ladies Memorial
Billfish Tournament

Congratulations and a huge shout out to the SNIPER Captain and owner Jimmy Bayne and crew for taking the TOP BOAT in the 23rd ALICE KELLY LADIES MEMORIAL BILLFISH TOURNAMENT! Aboard SNIPER, Tina Balance released a blue marlin and Paula Boone, Theresa Poe and Jeanie Gordon all released white marlin for a total of 330 pts to win by a comfortable margin. 59 boats fished in the Alice Kelly Tournament Sunday August 11 and enjoyed calm seas and an excellent showing of billfish! Also, congratulations to the TOP JR ANGLER, Allyson Russell aboard the A-SALT WEAPON with a white marlin. Click Here for Results

SNIPER wins 17th Virginia
Beach Invitational Marlin
Tournament July 24-27, 2013

Big shout out and congratulations goes out to SNIPER captained by owner Jimmy Bayne! Jimmy and crew captured first place overall with 8 white marlin releases. 14-year-old Bryce St. Clair, fishing aboard SNIPER, was named Top Junior Angler with 2 white marlin releases.

The 2013 Hatteras
Marlin Club Billfish
Release Tournament

The Paul Mann 56-foot QUALIFIER captained by Fin Gaddy captured top honors at the prestigious 53rd annual Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament. Andrew Cox aboard QUALIFIER was named top angler. Great boat, great captain, great angler, great success!

Photo caption (top): Fin Gaddy and crew aboard the Qualifier take the hardware; (bottom): Beautiful marlin shot from aboard Qualifier during the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament

The 2013 Big Rock
Blue Marlin Tournament

The Paul Mann Boat LET IT BE captured 3rd place overall in the billfish release category with 3 blue marlin releases The Tournament took place June 10-15 2013. The Paul Mann 65-foot COMPROMISE also caught the first blue marlin of the tournament and won the daily release award for Monday June 10. Congratulations to the captains and crews of these great boats and all the other participants!

Custom Shootout
Harbour Island, Bahamas

The 68-foot Paul Mann JICHI took 2nd place in the 2013 Custom-Shootout May 15-18 2013 in Harbour Island Bahamas! Congratulations! Also, to the 65-foot Paul Mann Soul Candy for a great showing!

47th Curacao International Blue Marlin Release Tournament

Naira wins the 47th Curacao International Blue Marlin Release Tournament held on March 15-17, 2013. 40 boats participated and saw 13 blue marlin releases. Naira released two beautiful blue marlin for the win.

25th Bonaire International
Billfish Tournament

Naira placed 2nd in the 25th Bonaire International Billfish Tournament held on January 17-19, 2013. Over 30 boats participated and 10 blues released were released (a lot of lost fish too). The team aboard Naira released a blue and a sail to take second.

Los Sueños Signature Series!
March 13-16, 2013: 2nd Leg
John Thomas and crew of Sea Fix WIN final leg with a total of 46 big, beautiful Costa Rican sailfish to take 1st in the 10th annual Los Sueños Sinature Billfish Series!

1st Sea Fix 4600 points 46 sails
2nd Team Release 4500 points,
   40 sails/1 marlin
3rd Sea Angel 4300 points,
   43 sails, last BF 3:28 pm

January 16-19, 2013: 1st Leg
Capt. and crew of the Sea Fix takes 4th in the first leg of the Los Sueños Signature Billfish Tournament Series.

The winners! Team NAIRA. Bincho Mansur owner/captain of NAIRA
in the red shirt and glasses (2nd from right)

The winners. Team NAIRA (l-r) Yilson Ikiate, owner/captain Bincho Mansur,
Jose Guanipa, and Bancho Mansur.

Naira, formerly Prime Time

Top angler award went to Eric Mansur, Jr.(3rd from left, white T-shirt)
fishing aboard the Paul Mann 58-foot Alina




COMPROMISE (Formerly Hunter)

JICHI (formerly Izzer)

The team aboard Naira at the Curacao Yacht Club after winning the 47th Orco Bank Blue Marlin Release Tournament

Sea Fix Winning Team

2012 Tournaments

Aruba Tournaments
Naira, formerly Prime Time, has been catchin' them up in Aruba! Naira reported back with a 1st place win in the Aruba Nautical Club tournament, 3rd place in the Bucuti Yachts Club tournament, and a 4th place win in the Presidential Caribbean Cup tournament!

Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament
Fin Gaddy and his team aboard the Paul Mann 56–foot QUALIFIER, just 3–peated in the Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament, which took place July 11-14. QUALFIER and crew won two billfish categories, got a couple of nice paychecks and bragging rights for another year. Congrats to Fin and Team from Paul Mann Custom Boats!

Georgetown Blue Marlin Tournament
The winner! Sadie Beth–formerly the Madd Hatter–Paul Mann Custom Boats hull #1–now out of Charleston, SC, owned by Gage Blue and captained by Howard Moseley. Sadie Beth scored 1,600 total points in winning this South Carolina Governor’s Cup tournament May 25-27 2012.

2012 Los Sueños Signature Series!
Sea Fix was 4th in the 2nd leg and 6th overall in the Los Sueños Signature Series with 25 sails and a blue in the second leg ended March 24. Francis Johnson Jr. aboard Sea Fix was top angler. An incredible 648 billfish were caught in the release only tournament. Incredible fishing!

Naira, formerly Prime Time

Fin Gaddy and crew take the top Award in the Hatteras Grand Slam

2011 Tournaments

Bucuti-Varadero International Tournament Oct. 15 and 16
The Paul Mann Custom Boat Prime Time with Captain Butch fished two tournaments in Aruba in October with a first and a third place finish. In nine days of fall fishing in that island paradise, Captain Butch has been 10 for 14 on blues, 4 for 6 on whites, and 6 for 8 on sails! "Great fishing and a great place to visit!!"

Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament
3rd Place Overall: 10 releases
    Hunter, Walt Spruill

Hatteras Grand Slam
July 7-9, 2011
1st Place:
    Qualifier, Fin Gaddy

22nd Annual Alice Kelly
Memorial Tournament
2nd Place Overall:
3 white marlin, 1 blue marlin
    Hunter, Captain Walt Spruill
2nd Place Top Lady Angler: white marlin
    Pelican, Summer Bracher

8th Annual Carolina Boat
Builder's Tournament
Team Paul Mann boats including Pelican, A Salt Weapon and Qualifier all finished among the top ten boats for a strong second place finish behind Team Ricky Scarborough for the Manufacturers Perpetual Trophy this year. This is a great tournament for a great cause, supporting culture, heritage and scholarships for kids!


Fin Gaddy and crew take the top Award in the Hatteras Grand Slam



2010 Tournaments

Virginia Beach Invitational Marlin Tournament
2nd Place Overall: 8 white marlin
    Sniper, Captain Jim Bayne

7th Annual Dare County
Boat Builders Tournament
1st Place: Qualifier
1st Place Tuna: Pelican 40.5 lbs
Junior Angler, Last Day:
    True Grit, Holton Clifton
Top Angler: Qualifier, Paul Mann
Paul Mann Custom Boats won the
    Manufacturer's Perpetual Trophy
    capturing wins in 2004, 2005,
    2006, 2008, and now 2010!

Hatteras Grand Slam
1st Place both billfish categories: Qualifier
Qualifier Captain: Fin Gaddy

Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament
1st Place Wahoo: Big Hunter
Jr. Angler Gamefish Division:
    Big Hunter, Hunter King
Daily Release 1st Place Blue Marlin
    (Wednesday): Ann Warrick

Hatteras Village Offshore Open
2nd Place both billfish categories:

5th Annual Pirate's Cove Tuna Round-up Tournament
Top Angler: A-Salt Weapon, Kenny Small
Top Boat: A-Salt Weapon

Chub Cay Member/Guest Tourn.
1st Overall: D.A. Sea




2009 Tournaments

Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament
Top Boat: Hunter

Turks and Caicos Billfish Tournament
Top Boat: D.A. Sea

Mid-Atlantic 500. 78 lb White Marlin
Tie for 2nd: Phat Mann

Pirates Cove Big Game Tournament
2nd Overall: Pelican

Chub Cay Member/Guest Tourn.
Top Boat: D.A. Sea

Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament
Top Crew: Hunter

Pirates Cove Big Game Tournament
2nd in Team Award: Pelican


2008 Tournaments

La Guaira Venezuela Billfish Shootout
2nd Place: Prime Time

Dare County Boat Builders Tournament
July 17 - 20, 2008

Top Manufacturer:
Paul Mann Custom Boats

Top Boat:
1st Place: Pelican
2nd Place: Qualifier

Top Angler:
Paul Mann

Daily Winner Friday:
Capt. Finn Gaddy

Top Dolphin:
2nd Place: Phat Mann

Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament
July 11 - 12, 2008

1st Place: Qualifier

Mid-Atlantic Tuna Tournament
July 19, 2008

2nd Place: D.A. Sea

Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament

2nd Place: Hunter

Member Guest Tournament Chub Cay
April 4 - 5, 2008

1st Place Overall: D.A. Sea

Chub Cay Billfish Tournament
January 16-19, 2008

2nd: Place:  D.A. Sea
Daily Winner 3rd Day:  D.A. Sea


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